An open and free service that allows a PC to boot from cloud resources

What is Cloudboot

Cloudboot image Cloudboot is a service that allows a PC to boot from cloud resources. Users can boot computers into special system or utility via a wired internet connection. This project framework is based on the iPXE and embedded customized scripts to access cloud resources from NCHC or SourceForge mirrors. The embedded scripts convert the firmware image to bind network card and get files from a tftp or http server. Therefore except the files in the boot media, everything is from the server. Just follow the boot menu and you can easily access this cloud boot service, E.g. DRBL, Clonezilla, and GParted Live systems. Cloudboot also supports memtest, freedos and several GNU/Linux network installations.


  • Works for both public and private cloud.
  • Support boot media: CD-ROM, USB flash, hard drive.
  • Provides Clonezilla live, DRBL live, GParted live, and GNU/Linux network installation, including CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Mandriva, Mageia, OpenSuSE, and Ubuntu.


  • Local boot device, E.g. CD-ROM, USB flash, hard drive.
  • Internet connection.


  • GNU General Public License (GPL)